If you wish to gain the most from your automobile, it is important to conduct regular repair and maintenance operations on it. A fine-tuned vehicle will not only last decades but will also do it while offering optimum results.

Bearing this in mind, apart from producing customized springs and U-bolts as per customer demands, we have also branched out into truck and car repairs. Whether you ride a car, a pickup, a motor home, a semi, or a trailer, we can repair them all!

Our services include:

  • Leaf Spring Replacement

  • Brake Jobs

  • King Pin Replacement

  • Suspensions Rebased

  • DOT Inspections

  • Welding and fabricating

  • Clutch Replacement

  • Complete Chassis Repair

  • Oil change, lube, and filter

  • Tire rotation

  • Fan and belt inspection and replacement

  • Vehicle Inspection

  • Tune-up

  • Steering components

  • Water Pump Replacement

  • Fuel Pump Replacement

We specialize in complete chassis repair, welding, and leaf spring replacements. We are experienced welders and fabricators.

We are experts in repairing cars, pickups, motor homes, trailers, semi-trailers, commercial trucks, and vehicles.

Contact us today to schedule your DOT inspection and we will give you an accurate assessment of whether the CMV motor parts are safe to use, in good condition, and working properly.