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Are you finding it tough to find the necessary springs to fit your vehicle? Is it because the manufacturer stopped producing the machine parts? Then you’ve come to the right place.

S & S Custom Springs & Truck Repair

S&S Custom Springs and Truck Repair has the spring solution you are looking for. With S&S, you do not have to worry about spring replacement. We manufacture customized springs for all your needs. We offer a large selection of OEM replacement leaf springs for your automobile, light truck, van, SUV, and medium trucks. We manufacture and fabricate replacement leaf springs for utility trailers, farm equipment, tractors, bobcats, large trucks, large trailers and mining equipment.

Our company also offers a range of services including broken leaf replacement; handmade and bent custom springs to your specifications; fabrication of hard-to-find replacement springs for vehicles and commercial trailers and equipment; OEM replacement leaf springs; extra leaf kits; and full length extra leafs.

We have more than 23 years’ experience in offering great products to our clients. Our customer-centric has earned us a long list of patrons, who trust us to provide the best quality springs and other parts.

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S & S Custom Springs & Truck Repair